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Impressionism Article

Mrs. Sanguinetti

Becoming Familiar with Impressionism.

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1.Which artist painted with the impressionists but chose not to show with them?
3.How had the type of subject matter changed?
4.Where must one view the brush strokes of an impressionist painting to make the colors "merge" and form a complete image?
5.This painter portrayed the effects of flickering light.
6.A technique used to apply pure color to the canvas in many small brushstokes.
7.Where did the Impressionist art movement begin?
9.How many artists were in the first group of Impressionists?
12.Why were impressionist paintings so unpopular at first?
15.What painting did the critic get the term "Impressionism" from?
18.What was no longer carefully modeled and outlined?
19.Where did the Impressionists mix their paint colors?
20.A scientific version of the broken-color technique composed of many small dots.
21.What was not important to the impressionist painter?
22.He painted ballerinas and women bathing, very informal
1.What was Impressionism the first of?
2.The various styles that grew out of impressionism are called what?
8.When the artists showed in 1874, what did they call themselves?
10.What other earlier group of people do similar techniques with woodblocks?
11.Monet was most interested in the change and form of this.
13.Who chose to paint everyday scenes and ordinary people?
14.By the end of the 1800's, where else had Impressionism spread?
16.What was the most unusual thing about new Impressionist style of painting?
17.A painter whose main subjects were women and children.

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