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Ch 5 vocab A&P

Coach Weedon

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1.glands that secrete into blood or tissue fluid (2 Words)
9.layerd flattened cells (2 Words)
12.attach to bones and provides movement, locomotion, and heat
15.single layer of cube shaped cells (2 Words)
16.single layer that looks like multiple layers
18.very dense tissue that provides support, stores minerals and fat, and produces blood cells
19.tissue that connects, binds, and supports (2 Words)
21.most common cartilage found in airways (2 Words)
23.single layer of flattened cells (2 Words)
24.type of connective tisue that transports substances throughout body
1.molecules that fill spaces in between cells (2 Words)
2.found in heart only, produces strong long-lasting contractions
3.fat tissue used for storae of energy, insulation, and to cushion organs
4.connects bone to bone
5.tissue able to contract: skeletal, cardiac, smooth
6.rigid connective tissue
7.type of tissue that covers all free body surfaces (2 Words)
8.group of similar cells that performs specialized functions
10.lines tubes and cavities that open to outside of body (2 Words)
11.line body cavities that lack opening to outside; produces fluid in joints (2 Words)
13.glands that secrete products into ducts that open onto the surface (2 Words)
14.single layer of column shaped cells (2 Words)
17.connect muscle to bone
20.found in brain, spinal cord and nerves; transmits impulses
22.found in hollow organs, produces slow steady contractions

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