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algebra terms

1 2
  3 4  
7 8            
  11   12

5.a symbol used to represent any number
6.algebraic terms which have the same literal factors and in which each letter has the same exponent in all the terms
7.either a single letter or number or the product of several numbers or letters
9.a letter used as a factor
10.a statement containing one or more terms connected by plus or minus signs
13.the sum of two or more monomials
14.the answer in division
15.a real number that cannot be expressed as a quotient of two numbers
1.the number in an algebraic term
2.a branch of mathematics which generalizes the facts in arithmetic
3.the order of operations
4.a number, or a symbol with exactly one value
8.a small number written to the right of and slightly above another number or letter to indicate how many times the latter is used as a factor
11.the answer in multiplication
12.a polynomial consists of only one term

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