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My Father, Sun-Sun Johnson


Chapter 1 and 2 The Blow and Reflection

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6.She had fine features, swimming black eyes and chiselled mouth.
8.He was ten.
13.Narrator's relationship to protagonist.
14.Rami's friend
15.People respect seriousness in a man, Merton. Who spoke those words?
18.Sun-Sun masqueraded in costume at Christmas time.
20.Reason for divorce
21.A chip off the old block
23.Secretly listen to a conversation
24.What did the villagers called Sun-Sun when they wanted him to be lenient to them?
25.Sound device: I heard the crackle of the paper.
27.Narrator's description of Jake because he intelligently used trick to achieve an aim.
28.Sun-Sun smoked it.
30.Lorne Bakersfield
31.Sun-Sun was concerned about Rami moving to the bottom land was of its ...
33.He was the personification of triumph.
35.Figurative expression: Father didn't say anything...for an eternity.
36.Merton's alias
41.Divorced mother of three
43.Take away animals, send them to town, owners pay a fee to get them back
44.Figure of speech: At last he croaked.
46.Sun-Sun rode her when he was moving
47.From whose perspective is the story told?
48.Because Rami was in the shadow of his father's failure, he was
49.The sole purse-string operator alias
50.Sun-Sun's ex-wife's job
1.Sedan, sleek and seemingly poised for speed.
2.Jake was the ... of the school board.
3.Source from whom Jake acquired wealth
4.Synonym for fate beginning with d and ending with y
5.Rami was ...
7.Place that highlights Sun-Sun's lowered social status.
9.He was between the ages of forty-five and forty-eight
10.Some villagers called Sun-Sun ... when he suffered the blow.
11.His face was not only axe-shaped but he had a sick, washed-out colour.
12.Who owed four thousand, three hundred pounds?
16.Merton had accumulated his wealth from ...
17.Setting reflecting affluence of the protagonist.
22.Character trait of Sun-Sun
24.Complete control of something
26.Car of the other big man in the village.
29.Pride, pride, pride.
32.I was belly-to-belly with ...
34.Total acres of land owned by Sun-Sun at his new residence.
37.The mare.
38.Secret revealed about Merton to his son.
39.The big rich godfather of the village owned ... shops.
40.very near, next to, or touching
41.Reason for separation of siblings within the Johnson family.
42.He climbed our stairs like a lord with a monopoly on everything in the world.
45.He was a desired man but by no means desirable.

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