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Story terms

Word Bank
allegory, motif, unreliable, omniscient, protagonist, antagonist, plot, equilibrium, complication, climax, conflict, resolution, epiphany, atmosphere, setting, symbol

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1.a narrator who is naïve or dishonest or extremely prejudiced
3.a personal insight that comes upon a protagonist suddenly
6.an image or object, used repeatedly through a work
10.the emotional state the writer wants you to be in while you read the story
12.introduces a story’s conflict
13.a linked chain of events
14.a character who opposes or impedes the protagonist
15.a third-person narrator who can reveal unspoken thoughts is called
2.the protagonist’s life is in relative order and calm
4.follows the climax and establishes a new situation of equilibrium
5.the point of the story where the conflict is decided
7.a struggle between the protagonist and some other person or force
8.the locale in which you find the characters
9.main character of a story
10.special use of symbolism popular in the Middle Ages, rare today
11.an object that represents something else

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