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Poetry Terms

Mrs. Revo


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      34 35                      
36                     37        

1.Japanese poem with 3 lines and 17 syllables
3.an object stands for something else
7.musical quality
10.4 lines in a stanza
11.repetition of vowel sounds after different consonant sounds
12.8 lines in a stanza
14.14 line poem about love
17.doesn't use "like" or "as" to compare 2 things
18.writer's choice of words
20.meaning a word suggests
21.poem with a larger-than-life hero
24.giving human characteristics to non-living things
27.making it less than it is
29.poem with no rhyme or meter
31.song-like poem
35.repetition of beginning consonant sounds
36.ballad with unknown author
38.2 back-to-back rhyming lines
39.5 beats per line (10 syllables)
2.reference to people, places, events, or things well-known
3.6 lines in a stanza
4.5 lines in a stanza
5.language that appeals to 5 senses
6.contradiction that is true
7.repeated words
8.sounds imitate meaning (bang)
9.repetition of final consonant sounds
13.poem with emotions
15.mood or feeling
16.does use "like" or "as" to compare 2 things
19.ballad with known author
22.rhyme in the middle of the line
23.use exaggeration to express emotion
26.rhyme in the end of the line
28.group of consecutive lines
30.poetry with 10 syllables per line but no rhyme
32.3 lines in a stanza
33.combines contradictory ideas
34.voice speaking to us

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