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Bible Doctrines


Chapters 1-12

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    25 26 27  

4.God teaching the Christian the truths of God's Word
8.Doctrine of man
9.A false teaching of inspiration
11.The attribute of God whereby He communicates His concern for the ultimate welfare of the ones He cherishes.
16.Doctrine of Holy Spirit
17.Doctrine of Christ
18.God is everywhere present
20.God has no beginning or ending
22.God is all knowing
24.The discovery of this great empire helped establish the historical accuracy of the Bible
28.A measurement or rule used to determine the books to go into the Bible
29.Doctrine of God
30.This is the perfection of \God whereby He abhors that which is evil and demands purity
31.Group of books between the Old and New Testament
1.The attribute of God by which \he carries out the laws that He has imposed
2.God's character never changes
3.He determines canonicity
5.God is above His creation
7.Doctrine of church
10.The false inspiration that teaches that the merely contains the Word of God
12.Compassion for the sinner
13.God is close to His creation
14.Doctrine of the last things
15.God is all powerful
19.God disclosing to man things about Himself
21.God is not bound by time and space
23.Doctrine of salvation
25.He wrote the first 5 books of the Old Testament
26.The original language of the New Testament
27.Set apart or sanctified

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