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Jem and the Holograms original songs

Which song version that match one of Jem songs?

1 2 3           4       5     6                        
7       8         9            
        10 11     12 13 14
        15       16 17 18                        
                  19     20      
        23   24                  
28                                                 29              
  30 31                             32     33          
          35   36                  
  40                           41                      
              42 43    
      44     45                                        
47                                                 48  
        49                     50     51        
52                               53                                      
59                       60                                      

3.Follow a rainbow to that old windmill, track down a missing clue.
5.Can be all right. It's just a charade, so don't be afraid.
7.You think you're hot and your star is due (ooh, ooh). You think you've got somethin' different and new.
18.Caring people are people with dreams. Who go to extremes to fight for those dreams.
22.You're a part of me, as I am of you. I can't leave you behind.
27.Just a I believe in you, my friend. I believe things work out in the end. Sure as there's a moon and stars above.
28.We gotta take a whole new tact. To get back on the track.
29.We're living really close to the edge, babe. Almost right on the brink
31.Long as there's a chance. We got to do our best. And, babe, if we have faith. I know we'll pass the test.
32.I never meant to lie to you, I swear it.
36.There's music in the mountains tonight (Music in the mountains tonight...). Up above, a crescent moon is gleaming bright (Moon is gleaming bright...)
39.I feel a loss and it's got me kinda shook. I keep on searchin' but it's nowhere I look.
40.They're still in our hearts. Still on the charts.
45.Why do I keep going in two directions at once?
47.Give me a rough time (give me a rough time). You'll have a tough time (aah). You'll never get anywhere.
49.All at once you feel like doin' cartwheels. There's someone you're always dreamin' of.
52.A short walk down the aisle to a lifetime of forever.
53.Her outfit is chosen with the greatest of care, She does the same when she does her hair. Oh, she wear what she wears with pride (pride). It reflects what she feels inside.
55.So just keep thinkin', if we make it. How much we'll have to show for it. We can't give up, there's too much at stake. Come on, baby, let's go for it.
56.Everything's going in circles. Everyone's so intense. All of it seems so mysterious.
57.Does he sees some other girl, when he looks my way?
58.Everything's going my way. Everything's rolling along. No pain, no strain.
59.Where in all this madness do I go? Baby, Baby, if you know, whoa.
60.Even if some others pass you by (ooh). If you play it fair and square. You can still hold your head up high.
1.Follow the sound of my voice. I'll give you reason to rejoice (rejoice).
2.Have you heard the latest word? They're playin' in every place, yes.
4.Frantic rehearsals, opening nights. Strike up the band, bring up the lights.
6.They need someone who'll understand, to listen and then. Help them choose the way to go.
8.Everybody starts to rock. When music's in the air.
9.Sometimes it all seems fine. Sometimes you move along.
10.Every place to go, everywhere you turn. Someone else is moving in and they're making time. And it's getting underneath your skin, whoa, whoa.
11.East is east and west is west. Or some people say. But there will come a day. Our difference will melt away.
12.You give your all, you give your free. But you're overwhelming me...
13.You can reach and make time to teach them. Try to be a friend.
14.And together we will make it through.
15.There she is at the polo lodge.
16.Why all the confusion? All these questions in my mind. Only one conclusion. One conclusion I can find.
17.The music will help restore your soul...
19.Out upon the foam. Beyond the sea and sky. We will head for home. With a star to steer us by.
20.Long before land has been sighted. Our lips and our hearts will be united (be united).
21.Turning a new page and burning the old. Don't ever think my heart has turned cold. I'll tell you right from the start, even when we're apart.
23.I can be beautiful or truly outrageous.
24.Taking it nice and slow. I know we have far to go. But if we give it care. There's nothing we can't repair.
25.See the way the candles gleam. Feel the sun throw off its beam.
26.Totally in a tizzy. And so are all my friends. The whole world's slightly dizzy. And hoping the madness never ends.
30.The pyramids that touch the skies, what a fantasy.
33.See the hopeless task underneath each mask. I find another and another.
34.Being anyone I wanna be. And top of it all, you're here with me. Oh,
35.I feel great again. Feel first rate again. I'm with the people I love. Moonbeams are dancin' above.
37.The race ain't over yet, baby. It's only just begun. They thought they had it won, baby. But soon we"ll have them on the run.
38.There's music in the skies above. And they tell me I'm in love, I'm in love.
41.There's music in the air. News is in the Making. Music in the air. Something big is breaking.
42.Nothin' can keep me from findin' you. Love runs too deep to not come through
43.We're adding new notes to those. Red, white and blue notes.
44.Turnin; my blue skies to gray.
46.And we danced all through the night. And we held each other tight.
48.The Eiffel Tower (the Eiffel Tower). But your face is the only thing I see (the only thing I see).
50.You think you're really something, don't you?
51.Jem is my name, no one else is the same, Jem is my name. Jem!
54.All of the hit songs we can play, all of the news, night and day.

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