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A Eisen

Coordinate Geometry

1           2 3
  4   5              
  6 7      
8               9   10    
14 15                     16
      17     18  
20               21    
22                 23              
24 25            
      26 27   28  

1.A rhombus with four right angles
4.The side of a right angle triangle which is opposite to the right angle
8.The point of intersection of the angle bisectors of a triangle
11.A triangle with three equal sides
12.An angle between 0 and 90 degrees
13.The distance around a circle
14.A two-dimensional closed figure whose sides are line segments
19.Making an angle of 90 degrees
20.An angle between 180 and 360 degrees
22.Having the same size and shape
23.An angle of 180 degrees
24.A quadrilateral with two pairs of opposite sides equal
29.A circle that passes through all vertices of a polygon
30.A line segment joining two points of a curve
31.To divide into two equal parts
32.Having the same distance
33.A polygon in which no sides are equal in length
34.A chord of a circle which passes through the centre
1.Having corresponding sides in proportion and corresponding angles equal
2.Two angles whose sum is 180 degrees
3.A line segment from drawn from a vertex of a triangle to the midpoint of the opposite side
5.A quadrilateral with opposite sides parallel
6.The point at which two sides of a polygon meet
7.The point of intersection of the altitudes of a triangle
9.The point of intersection of the medians of a triangle
10.What the seed said when it grew up (joke)
13.Two angles whose sum is 90 degtrees
15.An angle between 90 and 180 degrees
16.A line or a curve which touches but does not cross another line or curve at a point within a given interval
17.The point of intersection of the three right bisectors of a triangle
18.An angle of 360 degrees
21.A triangle with at least two equal sides
25.The inscribed circle of a triangle
26.A quadrilateral with all sides equal in length
27.The father of deductive geometry
28.A quadrilateral with four right angles

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