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Structure and Bonding Revision Quiz iGCSE yr 10

Mrs C

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2.In sodium chloride, how many chloride ions is each sodium ion in contact with?
3.attraction between a 'sea of delocalized electrons and positive ions'
4.describes melting point of ionic solids
7.Ionic compounds are described as having this type of structure.
8.Ionic bonds are strong and so require a great deal of this to overcome them and melt the solid.
10.a property of metals that means they can be pulled out into long wires
11.electrostatic attraction between oppositely charged ions
12.Ionic compounds are not planar but described as being this.
1.The movement of these in a metallic structure explains the ability of metals to conduct electricity and heat.
2.Some properties of metals can be explained because the atoms in the structure can slide over each other without breaking the metallic bond.
5.The melting point of magnesium fluoride is this compared to sodium fluoride because magnesium has a
6.a property of metals that means they are easily shaped.
9.This describes the electrostatic attraction between ions and explains the melting and boiling points of ionic compounds.

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