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Structure and Bonding Revision Quiz 2 Covalent iGCSE yr 10

Mrs C

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5.Bonds WITHIN a molecule
8.A property of graphite not found in diamond relating to the ability of the graphite layers to slide over each other.
9.The number of moles of carbon dioxide in 4.4g
11.The Mr of calcium hydroxide (check you have the right formula first!)
12.In graphite on this number of electrons are used to form covalent bonds to other carbons.
15.The forces between molecules in a covalent substance are _______ and account for some of their properties.
17.The name given to the intramolecular bonds in substances made of non metal atoms.
19.The mass of an atom compared to 1/12 the mass of an atom of Carbon 12.
21.This is an allotrope of carbon.
22.A property of graphite not found with diamond relating to their electrons.
1.A type of structure shown by covalent molecules existing as gases, liquids and some solids
2.Diamond is a giant covalent molecule with no free moving ________. They are all involved in bonding to other carbon atoms.
3.Diamond is very hard and used for this type of tool.
4.The Mr of carbon dioxide
6.Covalent bonds are described as ___________ because a lot of energy is needed to overcome them.
7.Simple covalent molecules have strong (clue ) and weak _____________________ ___ BETWEEN molecules.
10.This property has a low value for simple covalent molecules
13.A type of structure shown by covalent molecules e.g. diamond
14.The Mr of water
16.The number of bonds carbon can form.
18.One of two or more atoms that have the same atomic number (the same number of protons) but a different number of neutrons
20.Graphite's structure is made up of _________ atoms is a hexagonal tesselation.

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