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Hinduism Today Jan/Feb/Mar 2016

Himalayan Academy

Hinduism and Myanmar

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4.Sanskrit for “serpent,” often the cobra; symbol of the kundalini coiled on the four petals of the muladhara chakra.
6.Sanskrit for “Service to the guru”
7.The official language of Myanmar.
10.“Householder”. Family man or woman.
11.One of 18 celebrated Saiva siddhas (adepts), and accepted as the first grammarian of Tamil language.
13.“Eon” or “age”. A time span, from tens-of-thousands to one million years.
14.A term coined in 1969 by Mircea Eliade to contrast the Eastern view of bliss as “standing inside oneself”.
15.Sanskrit for “Noninjury,” nonviolence or nonhurtfulness.
16.The major agricultural product of Myanmar.
17.“Abode of snow”.
18.“Goddess”. A name of Shakti, used especially in Shaktism.
1.Sanskrit for “Cherished or chosen Deity”
2.True remover of darkness.
3.Primary religion practiced in Myanmar today.
5.The previous name of Myanmar.
8.A fee or honorarium given to a priest at the completion of any rite.
9.One who performs tapas or is in the state of tapas.
12.“Dhupa”. Substance that gives off pleasant aromas when burned.
13.Largest city in Myanmar.
16.“Veda of verse”. The first and oldest of the four Veda corpora of revealed scriptures

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