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Crossword Creation Assignment

1 2
  3               4
    6 7              
11           12    
15                       16  
17   18                
19                   20  

3.a transformation in which the graph of a function is compressed or expanded vertically or horizontally
7.for a function F, the greatest value of F(X)
8.a real number A that is less than or equal to the least real zero of a polynomial function
10.a real number B that is greater than or equal to the greatest real zero of a polynomial function
11.the difference between the greatest and least values in a set of data
13.the irrational number E, which is approximately equal to 2.718281828...
15.the combining of functions by using the result of one function to evaluate a second function
18.a logarithim with base 10, usually written log X
19.a logarithim with base E, written ln X
21.for a function F, the least value of F(X)
22.if (X-C)to the M is the highest power of (X-C) that is a factor of a polynomial function F, then C is a zero of multiplicity M of F, where M is a natural number
1.a function of the form A[n]X to the N + A[n-1]X to the N-1 + ... A[2]X squared + A[1]X + A[0], where A[0], A[1], A[2],... A[n-1], A[n] are real numbers
2.transform data so that they appear to cluster about a line by applying a function to one or both of the variables in the data set
4.a line or curve that a graph approaches
5.the set of possible values of the independent variable (X) of a function
6.in the function X=B to the Y, Y is called the _________, base B, of X
9.a transformation in which a mirror image of the graph of a function is produced with respect to a specific line
12.a point on the graph of the function that indicates where the graph changes from increasing to decreasing, or vice versa; the location of a relative maximum or minimum
14.the x-intercepts of a graph of a function
16.a relation that assigns to each element in the domain exactly one element in the range
17.the maximum and minimum values of a function
20.the unique value that a function approaches as x-values of the function approach C from the left and right sides

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