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Religion 11 - Chapter 3 Crossword

Mr. Lyons

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1.knowledge impeded by the presence of some obstacle
3.perfect freedom is expressed in this virtue
4.one name for the sacrament in which we confess our sins
5.by using our freedom to do wrong, we lose our _______
6.when something is done unintentionally
15.the power to strive for holiness: freedom of _______
16.God gave us free will so that we could _______
17.being pushed or forced into something
19.a moral act involves both deliberation and _______
21.one name for the sacrament in which we confess our sins
22.the basis for the moral law are the teachings of _______
23.freedom makes us _______ for our actions
26.something done without thinking about it
27.Plato & Socrates believed that the study of good & evil was _______
28.an addiction is an example of an _______ attachment
30.the moral law _______ freedom
33.when there was no way for you to know something was wrong: _______ ignorance
35.action resulting from a deliberate choice between good & evil: _______ act
36.one name for the sacrament in which we confess our sins
37.peer pressure is an example of _______
39.we have an obligation to seek the _______
44.not knowning the right thing to do
45.God _______ our freedom
46.an impediment is also called an ______
47."You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you _______"
48.love is a free gift of _______
49.the age of reason
50.clear and deliberate knowledge of the merit or sinfulness of an action
51.an act performed with both knowledge & free will: _______ act
1.the ability to make & carry out good moral decisions
2.the ability to choose between good & evil: freedom of _______
3.mental illness is an example of a _______ factor
7.every human person with the use of reason must fact moral _______
8.the struggle between good & evil is at the core of human _______
9.motivation from fear of consequences
10.human freedom is ordered toward _______
11.a moral act is a _______ act
12.culpable means _______
13.bad moral acts _______ our character
14.the ability to control our sinful passions & desires: self-_______
18.the premeditation or forethought that weighs one's optiions before making a moral act
19.another word for sorrow
20.love must be freely _______
24.the virtue of sinfulness of an act is determined in part by _______
25.good moral acts _______ our character
29.human freedom is not _______
31.love involves a free choice toward God & _______
32.free will distinguishes us from _______
34.a moral act has a moral _______
38.an impediment to freedom: psychological or _______ factors
40.being a follower of Jesus frees us from the _______ of sin
41.deliberately avoiding the truth: _______ vincible ignorance
42.being a follower of Jesus does not limit our _______
43.motivation from love of God & neighbor

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