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Bible Books

Pastor Greg Lilly

Can You Name The Bible Book Being Described?

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6.This book bears the name of a publican or Roman tax collector
7.This book's theme is the unity of the Church and the key word is "together"
11.This book is a picture of the closing period of the Old Testament
14.This book's title is derived from the tribe of Levi and shares divine laws
15.This book shares much about being justified by faith
1.This book names the returning remnant from Babylonian Captivity
2.This book is one of two books where a woman is the principal character
3.This book is called Koheleth in the Hebrew Bible and Preacher in the English
4.This book's key word is "better"
5.This book was written by The Prophet of the Temple born during captivity
8.This book shares the destruction of the descendants of Esau
9.This book is a private letter of intercession written by Paul from Rome
10.This book reveals joy in pain, work and not idleness, God's not man's will
12.This book relates both ministerial duties and doctrines
13.This book reveals that God is the God of the second chance

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