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It Is All About The Bible 1

Pastor Greg Lilly

Can You Name What Is Being Described From The Bible?

  2 3
9   10              
11           12

4.This is number of original disciples Jesus picked
5.This is the tribe that Jesus came from
7.This city was deeply religious and the location of three shrines to Diana
8.This is the title given to the Antichrist
10.This prophet had a bad message and was called the 'Weeping Prophet'
11.The love for this is considered to be the root of all evil
13.This man wanted to have the preeminence in the church
15.He was the brother of Moses
16.She is considered the Mother of all living
1.The wrath of this person is heavier than stone or sand said Solomon
2.This is the act of asking God for something
3.He led the children of Israel out of Egyptian Captivity
4.This is the number of children Jacob had
6.This is the good news
7.This word is used to describe Job's avoidance of evil
8.The Church is likened to this participant in an oriental wedding
9.Satan is likened to this king of the beasts
12.This is the place where God's word is settled forever
14.This was the number of years Isaiah walked naked

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