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Apologetics (CE) Chapter4

Mr. Ed Tray

1           2     3 4
    5     6
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            22 23  

1.means fiftieth day
8.Catholic Saint executed by the Nazis because she was a Jew (2 Words)
9.protection of the Pope when he speaks ex cathedra on matters of faith and morals
14.The image of Church that describes the union where Jesus is the spouse of the Church (3 Words)
18.The Church Triumphant, Church Militant, and Church Suffering (3 Words)
21.The image of Church which stresses we must stay attached to God or we will perish (3 Words)
24.The Church became visible to the whole world
26.poverty, chastity, obedience (2 Words)
1.Convert to the Church who made 3 missionary journeys. Apostle to the Gentiles
2.The 4 Marks of the Church (4 Words)
3.Successors to the Apostles.
4.Members of the Church who are not ordained or in consecrated life
5.By Baptism we receive these 3 Offices of the Church (3 Words)
6.The process of declaring a Saint
7.The deposit of Faith is contained in Scripture and
10.Official Daily Prayer of the Church (2 Words)
11.Christ is the head and we are the members (3 Words)
12.We must spread the Good News throughout the world
13.A break between the Church in the East and the Church in the West in 1056 (2 Words)
15.The movement inspired and led by the Holy Spirit that seeks the union of all Christian religions and eventually the unity of all peoples throughout the world
16.Catholic priest in Germany who was the first to protest abuses in the Church
17.The local Church under the authority of a Bishop
19.Council of the Church which decided how the Gentiles would enter the Church
20.An outward sign of inward grace
22.Jesus dwells in His Church
23.Denying a truth of the Faith
25.Peter and Paul formed the Church in this city

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