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Chemistry Vocabulary Review

Ms. Lartz

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8.Involves the transfer of valence electrons (2 Words)
9.A substance made of the same atom or same molecule (2 Words)
11.Postive ion
12.When materials spontanteously decay they become radioactive
18.A mixture not uniform in composition
20.Also known as the Law of Constant Composition (4 Words)
21.Phase change from liquid to solid
23.Highest in the lower left section of the Periodic Table (2 Words)
24.Indefinite shape and definite volume
26.Phase change from solid to liquid
28.The number of electrons in the outermost shell of an atom (2 Words)
29.A substance made of one type of molecule
30.D block (2 Words)
31.Follows the same pattern as ionic radii (2 Words)
32.The amount of time it take for a particle to lose half its mass (2 Words)
34.Results in a helium atom (2 Words)
35.An electron (2 Words)
36.Bonds between metal atoms (2 Words)
37.Phase change from gas to solid
38.Organized in order of atomic number (4 Words)
39.Indefinite shape and indefinite volume
1.Has no mass (2 Words)
2.Matter with more than one molecule
3.Most atoms need 8 valence electrons to be stable (2 Words)
4.Flourine has the most
5.A mixture uniform in composition
6.Negative ion
7.Represent the number of valence electrons in an atom (3 Words)
10.Phase change from liquid to gas
11.Phase change from gas to liquid
13.Mass cannot be created or destroyed (5 Words)
14.Extremely unreactive (2 Words)
15.Phase change from solid to gas
16.About the ratios of masses between different compounds with the same elements (4 Words)
17.Anything that has both mass and volume
19.Affected by electron shielding (2 Words)
22.A substance made of one type of atom
25.Definite shape and definite volume
27.Involves the sharing of valence electrons (2 Words)
33.Group 17 on the Periodic Table

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