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ES 09 Oceans Vocabulary

G. Oakley

Earth Science terms associated with Oceans

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3.microorganism believed responsible for much atmospheric oxygen
5.tide cycle having 2 similarly high tides daily
6.surface disturbance that carries energy generated mostly by wind
10.a tide which has the largest difference between high and low tides
11.small submarine that can observe ocean life at great depths
13.measured in grams per milliliter (or cubic cm), largely responsible for ocean layering
14.scientific name for deep, slow-moving ocean density currents
18.HMS that undertook a scientific study of the oceans in late 1870's
19._?_ masses are cold from polar seas (Ex: North Atlantic Deep Water)
20.which hemisphere has the most surface water
21.largest, deepest Ocean
23.measurement of amount of dissolved salts in water
24.Earth's starting material, comets & volcanism are early sources of this chemical
28.tide cycle having only 1 high tide daily
29.satellite that measures changes in ocean surface elevations
30.periodic (daily) rise and fall of sea level
1.highest point on a wave
2.uses sound waves to measure ocean depth
4.vent on ocean floor that produces hot, chemically rich materials
7.tide cycle is due to the gravitational pull of the _?_
8.a large, closed circular current loop in the oceans (there are 5 major ones)
9.upward motion of deep ocean water carrying up cold, nutrient rich water
12.as waves approach shore, friction with ocean bottom eventually causes them to _?_
14.ocean layer characterized by a rapid decrease in temperature with depth
15.a tide which has the smallest difference between high and low tides
16.distance from crest to crest of consecutive waves
17.measures continuous distance over which wind blows water (a wave height factor)
22.any flow of ocean surface water, often caused by temperature variances
25.lowest point on a wave
26.buoy system that monitors ocean levels to warn of possible tsunamis
27.97% of Earth's water is classified as this

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