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Mastering Matthew

Pastor Greg Lilly

How well do you know the Gospel of Matthew?

1 2
3   4   5 6
    8                       9
14   15                
19         20               21
  24 25        

7.A person dying is said to give this up
8.This is what Jesus did when his face shined like the sun
10.This part of the temple was rent when Jesus died
11.City where Jesus was born
12.The number of years a woman had an issue of blood before she met Jesus
15.A city where Jesus met a centurion soldier asking for healing for his servant
17.This is what the box of ointment was called that the woman carried to Jesus
19.Jesus was called the king of this race of people
20.Thaddaeus was also known by this name
22.The enemy who sowed the tares
23.In this chapter Jesus shares the parable of the sower
25.This is what Jesus came to do for the lost
26.She was the mother of Booz
1.He was espoused to Mary
2.Jesus was often called the son of this king
3.This is the number of times Peter denied Jesus
4.Jesus said many of these earthly disturbances would happen in the future
5.Chapter where Jesus was tempted
6.The prince of the devils
9.He walked on the water coming to Jesus
13.He was released and Jesus was crucified
14.They considered themselves to be the disciples of Moses
16.They tempted Jesus seeking for a sign from heaven
18.Another word for tax collector
20.This is what a demon possessed person is called
21.This was John the Baptist's message
24.Believers are likened to this savoury spice

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