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Loving Luke

Pastor Greg Lilly

How well do you know the gospel of Luke?

  3 4    
10               11   12
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17           18              

4.Whose wife should we remember as a lesson in obedience
5.The rich man died and in hell was treated this way
7.He was the father of John the Baptist
8.During the days of Elijah there was a famine for 3 years and this many months
10.Jesus called the twelve disciples meaning learners to this word for sent ones
13.In the parable of the Prodigal son, he lost everything and had to feed these
14.This disciple betrayed Jesus (2 words)
17.She was the virgin told that she would bear a child
18.The feast of unleavened bread is also called this
19.Jesus called this publican to follow Him
1.The disciples called Jesus this when they got afraid of the storm
2.The Holy Ghost just like this bird landed upon Jesus at His baptism
3.This man declared a decree that all the world would be taxed (2 words)
6.This ruler of the synagogue fell before Jesus and asked Him to heal his child
9.She was the mother of John the Baptist
11.This was the city where Jesus was raised
12.There is joy in heaven when this many people repent
13.He was in Jerusalem waiting for the consolation of Israel
14.On Palm Sunday Jesus went to this city and taught
15.The Devil used this 2 letter word to tempt Jesus 3 times
16.A person must do this to himself in order to follow Jesus properly
17.We should remove this from our eyes so we will not be seen as a hypocrite

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