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Sonnets Vocabulary

Susan Clay

Sonnet 31, 75, 116 and 130 vocabulary words

Word Bank
Anne, Avon on stratford, Sidney, Spenser, William, amoretti, assay, bark, baser, belied, couplet, damasked, deemed, descries, dun, eternise, figure of speech, hyperbole, iambic pentameter, immortalize, impediments, in vain, languished, metaphor, parody, personification, reeks, rhyme, rhythm, sickle, sonnet, strand, vain, wan, wit

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2.lacking higher qualities of mind or spirit
6.figure of speech that makes a comparision but does NOT use like or as
10.a pattern created by the stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry
13.dull, drab; yellowish brown color
14."little love poems" according to Spenser
15.Phillip, wrote Sonnet 31
22.Hathaway, Shakespeare's wife
26.curved blade on a wooden handle, used for cutting hay
27.giving animals or objects the characteristics of humans
31.to cause to live forever
33.gave a false impression of
34.where Shakespeare grew up and retired to (3 Words)
1.gives off a bad odor
4.words that end with the same or similar sounds
5.mixed; colored grayish red like damask cloth
7.without success (2 Words)
8.an exaggerated look at a situation; sarcasm
12.word or phrase that has meaning different from the acutal meaning (3 Words)
15.Edmund, wrote Sonnet 75
16.five two-beat sounds in a line of poetry, where the second syllable is stressed in each pair (2 Words)
17.a 14 line poem divided into four sections, in iambic pentameter
19.extreme exaggeration that shows something is important
23.make eternal
25.Shakespeare, wrote Sonnets 116 and 130
29.a rhyming pair
30.foolish; silly

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