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Algebra Vocabulary

Dave Glynn

Algebra Vocabulary and Terms

Word Bank
LCD, PEMDAS, algebra, algebraic, annual, binomial, coefficient, constant, denominator, distributive, division, equal, equation, even, expression, factors, integers, like, monomial, negative, numerator, odd, opposites, positive, prime, product, proportion, quotient, simplify, solve, subtrahend, sum, variable

1     2        
  3 4
5             6         7
8               9           10
    13   14    
15       16              
18                 19                  
20   21             22   23  
26       27             28      
    29 30          

1.clear parentheses and add like terms
5.the number that is to be subtracted
8.the numbers multiplied to get a product
9.find the missing value in an equation
11.bottom part of a fraction
12.a branch of mathematics which generalizes the facts in arithmetic
14.the result of adding two or more numbers
15.an expression which contains two or more terms and combining operations is known as an _______ expression
17.a number that is not a multiple of two
18.a term that does not contain a variable
19.an equation stating that two ratios are equivalent
21.the number in front of the variables
24.a mathematical sentence where one side = the other side
25.the answer in division
26.a symbol used to represent any number
28.a number that is a multiple of two
30.a number that has two factors, itself and 1
31.means the same
32.the abbreviation for lowest common denominator
2.a number greater than zero
3.a polynomial consisting of only one term
4.two terms that have the same variables are called ______ terms
6.a statement containing one or more terms connected by a plus or minus signs
7.the rule where multiplication of numbers distributes over addition and subtraction is known as the ________ property
10.parentheses, exponents, multiplication, __________, addition, subtraction
13.two numbers with the same numeral but different signs
16.a polynomial of two terms
19.the answer in multiplication
20.a number less than zero
22.all positive and negative whole numbers including zero
23.top part of a fraction
27.once a year
29.the order of operations

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