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Believing In God


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6.The reason many people prefer to believe scientific explanations of the world.
7.The scientific argument that says creatures just changed to fit their environment.
10.A way of communicating with God. Christians believe they can be answered, e.g. Bruce Almighty.
11.When a child makes the decision to become a Christian for themselves.
13.One reason God might answer our prayers in a way we don't expect (like Bruce Almighty).
14.All-knowing. Think of an example from a film or the Bible that shows this.
15.A reason why some people find it hard to believe in God.
20.The way nature has evolved by itself to show 'design' - Paley was mistaken.
21.An act that is impossible as goes against the laws of nature.
22.What Paley compared to the universe to show it cannot have been an accident.
23.An experience that causes awe and wonder but cannot be described by words.
24.Something that cannot exist if there is evil and suffering in the world.
1.A powerful force for affecting people's belief in God in both positive & negative ways.
2.One reason why a Christian might say God does not interfere with our lives.
3.Proving God exists because nothing can happen by itself- it has to have a cause.
4.All-powerful - a word to describe God.
5.The designer of the universe.
8.An experience that causes a person to change, e.g. St Paul, St Bernadette.
9.The event that welcomes a child into the family of God.
12.Someone who isn't sure whether they believe in God or not.
16.Someone who does not believe in God
17.William _ _ _ _ _ is the main supporter of the Design Argument.
18.One reason Christians might say there is suffering in the world.
19.Something God caused, according to St Thomas Aquinas

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