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Ocular Blood Supply

David Lewerenz, OD, FAAO

This puzzle covers the vascular supply to the eye and adnexa, and also has clues to a famous book and movie. Alternative title: "I never drink...wine"

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1.The angular artery is a branch of this artery
4.End-arterial capillaries have none of these
10.Name of book and movie for this puzzle
12.It's a handy artery if you have a CRAO
13.Choroid and ciliary body have closed ones
16.Short posterior ciliaries from this circle
17.Irish-British author Stoker
18.Ophthalmic branch seen by Helmholtz
20.Sinus with two named ophthalmic branches to it
22.Capillaries are made mostly of this.
23.Signaling protein for vasculogenesis
24.Local control of arteriolar diameter
28.Ophthalmic artery enters orbit through this canal
31.Clinical name for parotid node
34.Target organ for stake in the story
36.Artery atop lateral rectus
37.Count's country
39.Facial vein may communicate with the ____ ophthalmic vein
40.Primary carotid for the eye
41.This creature's image can be refracted but not reflected
2.Number one villain repellent in this story
3.Mina's main squeeze Jonathan
5.Artery biopsied in suspected temporal arteritis
6.Bony sinus near the cavernous
7.Leaky internal carotid, cause of pulsatile proptosis
8.Maxillary branch on orbital floor
9.Food group for story's villain
11.Posterior ciliaries that supply iris and ciliary body
14.An ophthalmic artery terminal branch
15.Plaque in CRA arteriole
19.Posterior ciliary venous correlate
21.With palpebrals, supplies orbicularis
25.Medial palpebral artery may arise from this or the ophthalmic
26.Central retinal vein usually drains into this ophthalmic vein
27.Valve between left chambers
29.Central retinal is its first branch
30.Dutch doc Abraham who knows his blood suckers
32.Happenin' venous sinus
33.Ciliary arteries that arise from rectus muscle branches
35.Gives rise to the lateral palpebral artery
38.Posterior ciliaries that supply the posterior choroid

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