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Cornea and Sclera

David Lewerenz, OD, FAAO

This puzzle covers the cornea and sclera, and also has clues to a famous movie. Alternative title: "You'll shoot your eye out!"

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3.Corneal layer with bare naked nerve endings
8.Coup de grâce of dares
10.Secret message, "Be sure to drink your _____"
12.Descemet's termination
14.Hydrophilic proteoglycan components
16.Cause of blindness you won't learn about in optometry school
18.Limbal structure that serves as anchor
22.Basal cell anchor
23.Usual shape of corneal endothelial cell
25.Catalyst for primary corneal endothelial water pump
26.Name of movie for this puzzle
29.Corneal epithelial cell life cycle is 7 to 10 _____
32.Time you'd wait to see regeneration of corneal endothelium
34.Anterior ciliary arteries are found mostly in this layer
35.Teeny tiny central corneal convexity into the anterior chamber
37.Skin epithelium is, and corneal epithelium ain't
38.Belt-like cell junction
39.Corneal fibroblast
1.Layer between epithelium & stroma named for him
2.It's just outer to episclera
4.In corneal trauma basal cells can spread 60-100 microns per ____
5.Squamous cell precursor
6.Metabolism pathway in which cornea gets most energy
7.When corneal endothelial cells vary a lot in size
9.Novel corneal lamina?
11.Scleral fibrils weaving between II fibers
13.Would not let go of Flick's tongue
14.All collagen includes this amino acid
15.These corneal epithelium cells slough off into the tear film
17.Old Man's prized "Major Award"
19.Kid brother and "Mommy's little piggy"
20.Crucial proteoglycan protein core
21.Demonstrates strength and elasticity of Descemet's
24.Old Man's smoking nemesis
27.Preferred BB gun type
28.Where cornea and sclera merge
30.About 90% of corneal thickness
31.Endothelium basement membrane named for him
32.Only word in Old Man's Italian vocabulary
33.Build-up of this occurs in in corneal epithelial edema
36.Corneal epithelium's germinal layer

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