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Earth's Atmosphere 12/15/2015

Mrs. Worthington

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3.Clouds that appear feathery or wispy
5.Rain that contains sulfuric acid (2 Words)
8.Large Dust Storm form the Great Plains area of the United States in the 1930s (2 Words)
16.A layer of the atmosphere with less than 0.1% of the atmosphere's mass
17.Energy that travels across distances in the form of waves
20.Winds that travel thousands of kilometers in a steady pattern (2 Words)
21.The layer of gases that surround the earth
23.Smoke and other harmful materials that are added to the air (2 Words)
24.The process by which liquid changes to a gas
26.The force of air maolecules pushing on an area (2 Words)
28.Small pellets of ice
29.Any type of liquid or solid water that falls to Earth's surface
35.Ice Crystals falling from the sky
36.Carbon dioxide, Methane, water vapor, nitrous oxide and other gases that absorb and give off infrared radiation (2 Words)
37.Wind in the upper troposphere from west to east (2 Words)
38.A combination of Smoke and Fog
39.A comparison of the amount of water vapor in the air and the maximum amount the air can hold (2 Words)
40.The movement of water from air, to earth, to air again (2 Words)
42.A situation in which the rate of evaporation and condensation are equal
44.The distance above sea-level
45.Condition of Earth's atmosphere at a particular time and place
46.Low pressure zone near the equator
47.High pressure zones located about 30 degrees north or south of the equator (2 Words)
48.This form of radiation has more energy than the light you can see (2 Words)
49.Winds that change direction with the season
50.The effect caused by increasing amounts of gases like carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (2 Words)
1.Clouds that can grow very tall
2.The amount of mass in a volume of any substance
4.Winds that blow from the east form the polar regions toward the mid-latitudes
6.A gas made up of 3 molecules of oxygen
7.Process that repeats over and over
9.Instrument to measure air pressure
10.Winds that blow from the west from the horse latitudes towards the poles
11.Clouds that form in flat layers
12.Lumps or balls of ice that fall from cumulonimbus clouds
13.The layer of the atmosphere closest to the Earth's surface
14.The transfer of energy from place to place by the motion of gas or liquid
15.Fuels formed from the remains of prehistoric animals and plants (2 Words)
18.Raindrops that freeze when they hit the ground (2 Words)
19.Tiny particles or droplets that are mixed in with air
22.The influence of Earth's rotation on winds (2 Words)
25.The process by which a gas changes to a liquid
27.This form of radiation has less energy than the light you can see (2 Words)
30.The temperature at which air will reach saturation (2 Words)
31.This layer of the atmosphere starts 90 km above the earth's surface and becomes outer space
32.The clear dry layer of the atmosphere above the troposphere
33.The amount of water vapor in the air
34.Winds that blow from the east from the horse latitudes towards the equator (2 Words)
41.The transfer of heat energy from one substance to another by direct contact
43.Air that moves horizontally or parallel to the groundGlobal Winds

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