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1       2   3
4   5  
  6     7                 8                    
9                   10 11                 12     13    
14   15   16     17               18                    
            20 21                                    
                    23 24 25    
          26               27             28
29                           30  
31                                                         32    
35               36            
37 38                                           39                
41                   42                            
                  44   45  
          46   47                                  
  48 49                        
53                                     54
56                       57                                  
59                             60              

1.medium energy, more particle movement, shape can change, same volume, takes shape of container
6.zero between two non-zero digits
8.only works on hydrogen. The electrons move around the nucleus in circular orbit. electron can move between orbits but have to be in orbit
9.Ratio of protons to neutrons is too low
11.zero before the first Non-zero digit
18.Study of matter and it's changes
21.all wave length of visible light are present
26.groups atoms/ molecules while maintianing the same ratios, ratios that are true for atom/ molecules are als true for moles
27.low energy, low particle movement, maintains A constant shape and volume
29.charged Atom
31.ionic compounds react and cations trade anions
33.one distinct chemical identity
34.Ratio of Protons to neutrons is too high
36.type of atom determined by # of protons
38.element reacts with a compound to produce a different element and compound
41.pull of an atom exerts on its shared electrons
47.atoms sharing electrons to get eight valence electrons.
51.Carbon based compound reacts with 02 to make H20 + C02
52.numerical observations
53.# of protons= # of electrons
55.transfer of energy from nigh energy to low energy
56.representations of the orbitals and electrons that shows where all the electrons are located
57.Acutal ratio of elements in a formula
58.region of space where electrons are likely to be indavidual
59.change that alters the chemical identity of the substance
60.how close to the true or accepted value A measurement is
2.atoms of same element with different mass #
3.lowest possible energy
4.# of grams for one mole of a substance.
5.occurs when the nucleus is too large
7.zero after the last non-zero digit
10.each orbital can hold a maximum of two electrons 1 spin up 1 spin down.
12.higher energy less stable the ground state
13.high energy, most practical movement, takes shape and volume of container
14.group of atoms connect and have A single chemical identity
15.non uniform composition
17.Matter not created or destroyed
19.Multiple reactants combine to make one main products
20.patial charges on the atoms or moloecules due to the unequal sharing of electrons
22.electrons in the subshells summarized as an exponent on the subshells
23.one reactant breaks into multiple products
24.uniform composition
25.only certain wavelengths are present
28.charge or electronic attraction between a cation and an anion
30.anything that takes up space and has mass
32.set of orbital of as certain type
35.multiple chemical identities
37.'now repeatable A measurement is
39.atom share electrons to get a full valance shell.
40.electrons fill orbitals from lowest to highest energy
42.Negatively charged ion
43.reactions where the composition and the nucleus changes
44.Study of mathematical relationships of chemical reactions
45.lowest whole number ratio of elements in a formula
46.energy can only occur in multiple of constant X frequency
48.positively charged ion
49.change that maintains the chemical identity of the substance and phase change dissolving
50.when filling a subshell, each orbital must get 1 electron before getting 2 electrons
54.The amount of matter in A given substance

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