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Christmas and the Bible

Pastor Greg Lilly

Can you find the answer to these Christmas clues?

1 2      
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9           10
  11 12                  

2.The name given to the wisemen
3.The King whose lineage is shared in both Matthew and Luke
5.The city where the Savior was born
7.This Old Testament book reveals that all male children be sanctified to God
8.This type of clothing was used to warm the Christ-child
9.The virgin told she would give birth to the Savior
12.This man was the governor of Syria
13.The City where Christ was raised
14.The step father of our Lord
15.Christ was laid in this feeding tool
16.This King tried to find and kill the Christ-child
17.The name given to the special child born during this time
1.This man was waiting for the coming of the Messiah
4.The Mother of John the Baptist
6.This Caesar made a decree that all the Roman world be taxed
7.Christ would be called to come back from this country
10.This prophet foretold the birthplace of the Lord
11.This prophet told that the Lord would be virgin born

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