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Proportional Reasoning (SOL 7.4)

P. Slaughter

Vocabulary Quiz: Proportions

1 2
3   4   5       6    
9                       10
12   13                  

3.The numbers with the greatest range in a proportion
6.A percent added to a total bill
9.A ratio of corresponding measurements between actual and model figures
12.In Latin this ratio is written: per centum
14.A statement of equality between two ratios
15.A ratio that compares quantities measured in different units
16.A ratio with a denominator of one
1.The opposite of extremes
2.The price paid after a discount amount is applied
4.A gratuity given for acceptional service
5.Two or more expressions having the same value
7.Used to represent congruence in polygons
8.A comparison that is made using division
10.The original price is reduced by this amount
11.Figures that are the same size and shape are said to be ________.
12.A closed two dimensional figure with more than two sides.
13.Used to compare measures to one another

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