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Freak the Mighty


Word Bank
Aardvark, Annie, Arthur, Bionic, Blade, Book, Brand-X, Chop Suey, Christmas, Darth Vader, Down Under, Fair Gwen, Formicidae, Gun, H2SO4, Kenny, Kicker, Killer Kane, Mrs. Addison, Pizza, Purse, Pyramid, Red Flyer, Robot Man, Saliva, Star Trek, Zoo

1 2
    3 4
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          10 11
17     18
20 21            

5.The name of the movie series that Freak watches (2 Words)
6.Kevin chokes on this food (2 Words)
8.Freak’s mother (2 Words)
13.The shape of the dictionary Freak made
14.The holiday that is celebrated during the book
15.Freak's final gift to Maxwell
19.The costume Kevin wore while finding the purse (2 Words)
21.The nickname of the gangster that attacks Freak the Mighty
22.Freak would call himself this when he was young (2 Words)
24.Killer Kane’s real first name
25.Maxwell's father (2 Words)
1.The chemical substance of sulfuric acid
2.The shoe manager’s suggested fit for Max
3.Kevin has this kind of wagon (2 Words)
4.The place where Maxwell lives (2 Words)
7.Max spits this in his hand for the oath
9.Grim wants to buy one for protection
10.The scientific name for an ant
11.The item returned to Loretta Lee from the sewer grate
12.Maxwell's childhood nickname
13.The food Loretta brought to Max and Killer Kane
16.Grim’s real first name
17.The first word in Freak's dictionary
18.The school principal who called Max to the office (2 Words)
20.Mr. Fitch's Grade 7 Classroom (Grade 8 English class in book)
21.Freak wants this kind of body
23.Grim and Grams daughter

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