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David Lewerenz, OD, FAAO

This puzzle covers the iris, ciliary body and choroid, and also has clues to several movies. Alternative title: "Movies Featuring ODs"

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1.Posterior synechiae can cause iris _______
3.Possible source of vitreous snowballs
8.Major circle of iris location
10.Ciliary nerves which bring miotic impulses
14.Autonomic pathway for iris sphincter
17.Ridiculous short about incompetent OD who gets comeuppance
18.Autonomic pathway for iris dilator
20.Maintains blood-retina barrier for choroid
23.Middle sublayer of Bruch’s
26.1992 western where OD helps Wyatt Earp
28.Veins that drain most of uvea
30.Cluster of melanocytes in anterior border layer
33.Congenital lack of most or all of the iris
34."Don't it make one brown eye blue"
35.Tropicamide drug type
36.Fibers for mydriasis travel in this cranial nerve branch
39.Color of iris determined by stroma and _______ layer
40.Zone of iris where sphincter muscle is found
41.Divides anterior and posterior chambers
42.Woody Allen film featuring philandering OD (or OMD?)
2.The only pigment that determines eye color
4.Phenylephrine category
5.CB epithelium continuous with iris posterior epithelium
6.CB muscle portion attached with epichoroidal stars
7.Transition from sclera to choroidal stroma
9.Part of CB that makes aqueous
10.1996 British film about OD seeking her roots
11.Location of oral bays
12.Vonnegut classic adaptation with OD as Dresden bombing survivor
13.Iris layer where the sphincter muscle is found
15.Excess cell membrane and fragments in Bruch’s
16.Divides iris into ciliary and pupillary zones
19.An iris process connects the anterior border layer to this
21.Sublayer the RPE usually sticks to in retinal detachment
22.Danish documentary about Indonesian OD
24.Portion of CB against sclera
25.Layer where iris dilator is found
27.Sublayer which nourishes outer retina
29.Type of cells that make up iris dilator
31.Fibers for miosis travel in this cranial nerve
32.Iris epithelium continuous with RPE
33.Apex of dilator muscle cells are _______ epithelium
37.Ciliary nerves carrying mydriatic impulses
38.Vascular layer of ciliary body

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