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English 10 - Midterm Review

Word Bank
BlackRoom, Bunkhouse, BustOfPallas, Candy, Curley, CurleysWife, Dagger, Disease, EdgarAllanPoe, Fearless, FirstPerson, Fortunato, Lennie, Lenore, Luchesi, Midnight, Montresor, Montresor, Mood, Nevermore, OldBooks, Peal, Personification, Plot, PlutonianShore, Poem, Protagonist, RedDeath, RedDress, Slim, Theme, ThirdPerson, ToDrink, Tone, Torch, Wines, Wise, conflict, foreshadowing, narrative, stanza

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1.Fortunato thinks he is superior to this other wine virtuoso
5.All guests at Prospero's party heed the ___ of the clock.
10.A romantic writer known for his macabe and gothic literature
11.When the masked intruder arrives at Prospero's party
13.A mythological reference to the underworld in The Raven
14.The author's voice in literature
18.Content Vocab: Sacagious
19.Another name for a statue of Athena
21.The perspective of MoTRD
23.The chain of events of a novel or short story
24.Where George and Lennie stay on the ranch
25.A character in a narrative who is often the main or central character
27.What the Raven speaks
30.What Lennie grabbed that got him fired
33.What the narrator is pondering over in The Raven
35.Content Vocab: Flambeaux
36.What Fortunato is said to be an expert on
37.He's a handy man, but not so "handy" after fighting Lennie
38.The Raven is an example of this genre of literature
39.He's a "Small," but he isn't really small at all.
2.Another name for "the struggle" that adds to dramatic quality of literature
3.Remorsefull for not shooting his own dog
4.The perspective of TCoA
6.He is chained to a wall in an underground crypt
7.Storytelling form of literature
8.Giving humanlike characteristics to inanimate objects
9.What Prospero and his courtiers hid from
11.The feelings and emotions felt by the reader after reading
12.Hints of what may happen later in literature
15.She's a tart
16.Prospero's weapon of choice against the masked intruder
17.The scariest room in Prospeo's castle
20.TCoA's revengeful narrator
22.Believes that wrondoers need to feel the pain of their victims
26.Content Vocab: Dauntless
28.The narrator's lost love in The Raven
29.Content Vocab: Quaff
31.Content Vocab: Pestilence
32.Has a litter of pups, of which he gives one to Lennie
34.A grouping of lines of verse of a poem
35.The main idea of a piece of literature

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