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4 Spheres of the Earth

Ms. Zuberek

Introduction of the vocabulary

1 2
3                   4
  6                   7

3.("rock sphere") the ground you are standing on and the whole inside of Earth
6.("water sphere") includes all of the rivers, lakes and oceans of Earth.
9.anything of a round three-dimensional shape
10.("Air Sphere") is the envelope of air that surrounds the whole Earth.
11.derived from the greek word GEO which means ground, the earths solid body
1.("Life sphere") includes all living things:plants, animals, even your friends!
2.another name for the exosphere (2 Words)
4.the fact that al spheres get into contact and affect each other
5.("icy cold sphere") is the frozen part of Earth: the glaciers, icebergs at sea, and the huge icecaps in Greenland and Antarctica.
7.("Outside or heavenly sphere") includes the whole universe beyond the top of the atmosphere--the Sun, Moon, and stars, as well as the asteroids
8.all spheres are part of it, we all live o it

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