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Bible Doctrines


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5.An aspect of the torment in hell.
14.God has revealed Himself to all mankind through nature, _________, and history.
16.This is the placing of a son.
17.A characteristic of the Millennium.
18.An aspect of the torment in hell.
19.The 3 types of death described in the bible are physical, spiritual and what?
20.The eschatological (prophetic) emphasis of the Tribulation is found here
21.The eschatological (prophetic) emphasis of the second coming of Christ is found here
25.A suggestion as to who one of the two witnesses might be.
26.Doctrine of Salvation.
28.Man is basically good. Truth or false
31.An aspect of the torment in hell.
32.Doctrine of the Church.
34.Satan was originally this order of angels.
41.The unsaved who die today will immediately go to where?
45.We are set apart from the world.
46.This is God's right to do what He wants with what is His.
47.One of the crowns or rewards given to the believer at the judgement seat of Christ.
48.We are to be like God in His ____________ attributes.
51.The meaning of angel.
52.This how God disciplines His children.
53.Another name for the Antichrist.
54.Doctrine of last things.
56.The place prepared for the devil and his angels is called what? (3-wrds)
57.This will not be in heaven.
58.One of the crowns or rewards given to the believer at the judgement seat of Christ.
59.In heaven the Christian will not be able to sin is called this.
1.The part build unto the father's house for his son's new bride was called this.
2.Another word for servant.
3.This will not be in heaven.
4.Christ took upon Himself the _________ of sin.
7.Man consists of body, soul and what?
8.The bread of the Passover had to be this.
9.A Christian cannot attain this type of perfection.
10.This angel's name means "one who is like God".
11.This will not be in heaven.
12.Another name for "Day of Christ".
13.Doctrine of the Bible.
15.The Greek word meaning "called out or separated".
22.In the future the Christian will be saved from the ____________ of sin.
23.Heavenly worshippers of a holy God.
24.God is above His creation is describe by this natural attribute.
27.The place where believers were first called Christians.
29.The eschatological (prophetic) emphasis of the rapture is found here
30.This results in works.
33.A characteristic of the Millennium.
35.One of the crowns or rewards given to the believer at the judgement seat of Christ.
36.He makes up part of the "unholy trinity".
37.The eschatological (prophetic) emphasis of the Millennium is found here. (2-wrds)
38.A qualification to be a pastor.
39.Turning from sin to God.
40.A characteristic of the Millennium. (2-wrds.)
42.We believe that every word of the Bible is inspired.
43.Doctrine of the Holy Spirit.
44.God declares the sinner righteous.
49.The number of archangels mentioned in the Bible.
50.This was the sin in which each individual was conceived.
55.Faith is determined by its what?

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