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Retinal Cells

David Lewerenz, OD, FAAO

This puzzle covers the cells, layers and structure of the retina, and also has clues to a famous movie. Alternative title: "What…is your quest?"

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1.Photoreceptors which allow you to read this clue
8.Wandering retinal phagocytes
10.Plexiform layer where bipolars synapse with ganglion cells
11.Scheme to take French castle involved wooden Trojan _____
12.Plexiform layer where photoreceptors synapse with bipolars
13.Cell type where "on" and "off" system begins
16.Photoreceptor area rich in mitochondria
17.Neurotransmitter for bipolars to ganglion cells
18.A word to which Knights who formerly said "Ni" recoil
19.Neural retina is continuous with the CB _____ epithelium
20.Synaptic terminal found in cones
22.Synaptic terminal found in rods
25.Color most populous cone type is maximally sensitive to this color
26.These cells transmit retinal nerve impulses "backwards"
29.Nuclear layer between the plexiforms
30.King Arthur's cry of retreat
31.Star-shaped retinal neuroglia
35.Ain't none of these at the foveola
39.A processing INL cell that synapses in OPL
40.Light sensitive photoreceptor segment
41.Nuclear layer containing photoreceptor cell bodies
42.Perfuses macula from short posterior ciliaries in some
43.Repressed, 37 year old communal peasant
44.Name of movie featured in this puzzle
2.His recalcitrant minstrels were cannibalized in Nador
3.Synaptic _____ allow quick release of rod/cone neurotransmitter
4.Neurotransmitter for photoreceptors to bipolars
5.For the knights who say "Ni" one of these will appease
6.Deemed "a silly place" by King Arthur
7.Cells surrounded by "superficial" capillary beds
9.IPL is stratified by receiving bipolars which are ___ (3 words)
14.Primitive photopigment present in some ganglion cells
15."Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of ____"
20.Process that converts photons to nerve impulses
21.Number of anastomoses in central retinal artery branches
23.Retinal layer which provides blood-retina barrier (Abbr.)
24.Light falls on a photoreceptor, neurotransmitter release does this
27.LGN layers that receive detailed vision info from midget ganglions
28.Cave of Caerbannog guardian is a vicious killer _____
32.A processing INL cell that synapses in IPL
33.Source of sound for King Arthur's "horse"
34.Prior to throwing the holy hand grenade, thou shalt count to ____
36.Ubiquitous retinal neuroglia
37.Retina's thickest point is found here
38.Joins photoreceptor outer and inner segments

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