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Chapter 1 Review

Imani Graham

Matter, Change,and Energy

1 2 3
  5     6            
  11                       12
15             16                    
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4.incorporates observations, hypothesis, experiments, theories, and laws (2 Words)
6.simplest form of matter that can exist under lab conditions
7.a substance that although is in the gaseous state, it's generally a solid or liquid at room temperature
9.each layer in a heterogenous mixture
11.does not have uniform composition; distinct layers are visible
14.the study of composition of matter and the changes that matter undergo
15.a quality or condition of a substance that can be measured without changing the chemical composition of the substance (2 Words)
18.liquid to solid
19.liquid to gas
20.made of two or more elements; can only be separated by chemical reactions
1.consists of a physical blend of two or more substances
2.separates a homogeneous mixture into its component substances based on difference of boiling points
3.describes the changes that occur in a material when it becomes a new substance via chemical reaction (2 Words)
4.has a definite shape and volume
5.has uniform composition
8.the boundary between each phase
10.gas to liquid
12.solid to gas
13.solid to liquid
16.has a definite volume but takes the shape of the container in which it is held
17.expands to fill space

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