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Christian Vocations

Mr. Ed Tray

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1.The "common union" between two or more persons who give themselves to one another in love. (3 Words)
4.Freely choosing to forego earthly marriage "for the sake of the kingdom of heaven" .
6.an outward sign of inward grace.
8.The common term for escaping sexual "rules" so as to do whatever one wants. (2 Words)
9.the inherent and unchanging value of all persons
12.A decision to "will the good of another" person
13.the study of God and the purpose of our existence (4 Words)
2.The first sin of mankind against God, (2 Words)
3.The inherent ability of the body to act as a visible sign of God's invisible love. (4 Words)
5.the opposite of hope
7.The study of God, or "faith seeking understanding" .
10.The "inclination to sin" that is present in all humans.
11.It is "disordered desire for or inordinate enjoyment of sexual pleasure".

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