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Retinal Physiology

David Lewerenz, OD, FAAO

This puzzle covers the physiology and biochemistry of the retina, and also has clues to a famous movie. Alternative title: "Redeemed, Yes, But Was He Innocent?"

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30                     31   32                  
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      36     37        
        38       39              

1.Common term for all-trans retinol
3.Location of smallest receptive fields
8.Xanthophyll macular pigment in plexiform layers
10.Actor who plays Red
14.Xanthophyll macular pigment in plexiform layers
15.This 1994 film is featured in this crossword
16.Name of process that turns light into nerve impulse
19.Photoreceptor neurotransmitter
23.Character imprisoned for killing his wife and her lover
25.Myelin making CNS correlate of a Schwann cell
27.Character who narrates the movie
28.Samuel Norton's position
30.Abnormal increase in number of cells
32.Actor who plays Andy
33.Inactive chromophore isomer
35.Quick but minimal dark adaptation mechanism
36.Protagonist's GED student, ordered killed by the warden
38.Layer where dot, blot hemorrhages reside
40.Vision in bright light
41.Protagonist's pre-incarceration profession
42.Photopigment protein
2.Activated chromophore isomer
3.Retinal capillary desert
4.Most scarce of the three cone types
5.Peripheral retinal "wiring"
6.Author of novella that inspired the movie
7.Portion of optic nerve seen with ophthalmoscope
9.Sundown shift toward blue
11.Describes similarity of organization of optic nerve and retina
12.Layer of elongated OPL named for this person
13.Rod vision
17.From inner to outer, the retinal layers not at foveola (abbr.)
18.This "membrane" shines in the young
20.State where eponymous prison is located
21.Important rod G protein
22.A person with this color vision defect has only two cone types
24.Layer of flame-shaped hemorrhages
26.Abnormal increase in size of cells
29.Photoreceptor photopigment
31.First retinal neuron to initiate true action potential
34.Director Frank
37.Country where main characters are reunited
39.Important site of photopigment regeneration (abbr.)

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