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Around In The Bible

Pastor Greg Lilly

Can you identify these Bible clues?

3 4
5 6    
7 8     9        
10           11    
12                   13
16   17     18
19               20           21      
23           24      

2.Elijah stayed with this woman
9.This is the biggest animal mentioned in the Bible
10.This man was very hairy
12.She was Isaac's wife
15.Solomon built the temple of the Lord to replace this
19.Jacob served Laban this many years so he could marry Rachel
20.Jesus told Peter upon Him this institution would be built
21.David pitched one of these to house the ark of God
22.The apostle Thomas was called this which means "a twin"
23.This individual rolled back the stone from the door of Jesus' tomb
24.Job shaved this
25.Even these live in king's palaces
26.Rahab hid the Hebrew spies under stalks of this on her roof
1.God prepared this to shade Jonah
2.Herod did not give God glory so he was eaten by these
3.Jesus attended a wedding in this city
4.Solomon told his sons to eat this because it is good
5.According to the commandments you shall not commit this
6.She was the wife of Ahab
7.Jesus said He was Lord of this day also
8.He was called God's friend
11.Rachel died giving birth to this man
13.Noah built the ark out of this kind of wood
14.God spoke to Job about the gates of this
16.Zion's gates were called this
17.This man delivered Israel by slaying 600 Philistines with an ox goad
18.Elijah fed the sons of the prophets with a pot of this

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