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Women of the Bible

Pastor Greg Lilly

What woman is being described from the Bible?

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3.This queen was deposed because she refused to appear before the king
4.She recognized Jesus as being the Messiah when He was to be circumcised
6.She was called a prophetess
7.She posed as Abram's sister in Egypt
8.She was Moses' sister
9.This woman circumcised her own son
11.She came to water her sheep at a well when she was met there by Jacob
13.She posed as her sister when Jacob married her
14.Although banished from her home she was promised her son would be great
1.She rent her clothes when Jehoiada the priest put her out of power
2.She was raped by Amnon
5.She supplied David and his men with many things even clusters of raisins
10.She was the mother of us all
11.She protected the spies and dropped a scarlet cord from her window
12.She was the mother of Jesus

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