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Angels Among Us

Pastor Greg Lilly

Can you name the Angel or Angel Activity based upon the clue?

1 2
  4 5 6        
8 9      
10               11          

6.This angelic being tempted Jesus in the wilderness
7.An angel foretold the birth of John the Baptist to this man
10.This angel and his host will fight against the dragon and his angels
11.The angel of the Lord fed this man two meals
12.It is said that all believers has these angels around them
14.This man was confronted by an angel with a drawn sword and his donkey spoke
15.An angel woke this man and freed him from prison in Jerusalem
1.An angel found this woman in the wilderness, prophesied to her and sent her home
2.These types of angels will be judged
3.This type of angel touched the lips of Isaiah with a live coal
4.These angels have four wings
5.This angel spoke to Daniel and to Mary
8.An angel told this man that he was to deliver Israel from the Midianites
9.These angels have six wings
13.This leader of the church is called an angel in the book of Revelation

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