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Physics ACT Terms

Jimmy Hughes, Brandon Ruetschle

Physics Act Terms

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3.the change of one form of energy into another is called transformation of energy. (5 Words)
4.a subjective interpretation of sound
7.he quantum number that identifies different orbitals within a subshell. (3 Words)
8.a phase of matter composed of molecules that have no set shape
11.relating to light as it is perceived by the eye, rather than in terms of its actual energy.
15.mass is neither created or destroyed in a chemical reaction (5 Words)
18.refers to the heat hidden in phase changes (2 Words)
19.narrow lines of color in an otherwise dark spectrum (2 Words)
20.Small regions in permanent magnets within which atomic or molecular magnetic moments are aligned parallel. (2 Words)
1.momentum of a group of interacting objects remains constant in the absence of external forces (5 Words)
2.matter can neither be created or destroyed (5 Words)
5.The particles of the medium oscillate in the direction of propagation of the wave. (2 Words)
6.relationship in planetary motion that the square of the period of an orbit is directly proportional to the cube of the radius of the major axis of the oribit (3 Words)
7.used to describe how magnetic forces on moving charges act at a distance (3 Words)
9.the ends or sides of a magnent (2 Words)
10.The fundamental unit of mass in the metric system of measurement
12.Energy possessed by a body by the virtue of its motion is called kinetic energy. kinetic energy=1/2mv^2 (2 Words)
13.The amount of energy required to increase the temperature of the one kilogram of water one degree Celsius: equivalent to 1,000 calories
14.The changing of polarity of the earth's magnetic field as the north magnetic pole and the south magnetic pole exchange positions. (2 Words)
16.the distance that light travels through empty space in one year, approximately 9.5x10^11 km
17.The total amount of energy radiated each second from the surface of a source.

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