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Prayer Vocabulary #9: "Please Do Not Punish Us..."

Sister Ida Muhammad

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  10 11

1.n. - an agreement to do or not to do something
3.v. - to throw out or away
4.n. forgiveness; compassion; kindness; an act of forgiveness or kindness
7.v. -to give what is asked for
9.something spoken very softly and barely heard; a subtle suggestion or hint
12.n. - a thought or plan of action to be considered
13.v. -to turn aside from a path or course
14.v. - to creep; to move in a sneaky way fearing guilt or notice
2.adj. - very strong; very great
5.n. - a shelter or protection from danger or harm
6.n. - daybreak; the time in the morning when light first appears
8.n. - the act or result of solving (a problem); a formal statement of opinion or intended action
10.n. - a snare or trap
11.n. - a feeling of discontent (unhappiness) and resentment caused by thinking about someone else has with a strong desire to have them for one's self

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