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Romans 16

1 2
7       8            
10         11          

3.Andronicus & Junias are outstanding among the _______.
4.Men—slave of their own appetites ____ the hearts of the unsuspecting.
5.‘To the only wise God through Jesus Christ be the _______ forever’
7.Turn ____ from men who cause dissension.
8.Phoebe is called a ______ of the church.
10.‘Greet the church that is in their ________’
11.‘I want you to be ____ in what is good.’
12.Men who cause dissension are ____ of their own appetites.
1.‘the revelation of the ____ which has been kept secret for ages.’
2.‘the report of your ____ has reached to all.’
5.‘The ____ of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.’
6.The gospel, preaching Christ & the Scripture leads to obedience of ____.
8.Paul asks them to receive Phoebe ‘in a manner worthy of the _____.’
9.‘To Him who is able to ____ you according to my gospel.’
10.‘greet one another with a ____ kiss.’
13.‘God will soon crush Satan under ____ feet.’

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