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LAVC Math 240 Trigonometry Chapter 2

Pr. Braunstein

Word Bank
acute, adjacent, angle, bearing, cofunction, complementary, congruent, cosecant, cosine, cotangent, depression, elevation, exact, initial, obtuse, opposite, parallel, ray, reference, right, secant, segment, significant, similar, sine, supplementary, tangent, terminal, transversal, vertical

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  9   10        
11 12                  
  14 15                    
          17 18          
  22       23     24        
26           27            

1.the angle measured from the horizontal downwards
8.angles that add to 90 degrees
10.a triangle with all angles less than 90 degrees
12.the positive acute angle made by the terminal side of the angle and the x-axis
13.adjacent over hypotenuse
15.the digits obtained by actual measurement
17.same shape triangles that may not be the same size
19.a line that crosses parallel lines
20.start with a north-south line and use an acute angle to show the east or west direction from the line
22.the angle measured from the ground up
25.lines with same slope
26.a triangle with one 90 degree angle
27.portion of a line with two endpoints
28.hypotenuse over opposite
29.opposite angles formed by intersecting lines
2.angles that add to 180 degrees
3.opposite over hypotenuse
4.a number that represents the reseult of counting or from theoretical work
5.a portion of a line that starts at one points and continues through another point
6.formed by rotating a ray around its endpoint
7.a triangle with one angle greater than 90 degrees
9.the final position side when rotating a ray
11.the trigonometric function of the complement of an angle
13.triangles with the same size and shape
14.adjacent over opposite
16.opposite over adjacent
18.the starting position side when rotating a ray
21.hypotenuse over adjacent
23.the non-hypotenuse side next to the angle
24.the side across from the angle

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