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Mr. Ed Tray

1 2     3           4        
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2.at expense of others, maximize pleasure and minimize pain -using a person for one's own gain
5.habit of doing what is good
7.pictures and videos made to cause arousal and lustful thoughts to the watcher
8.to recognize the good of a person -seeing peoples' inner and outer beauty (3 Words)
9.to want good for yourself -to want happiness and goodness (3 Words)
10.to desire the good for another person (3 Words)
12.principle that says the only appropriate attitude towards people is love -the opposite of love= to use a person as a means to an end (2 Words)
14.greek term for divine -unconditional, never-ending, limitless love -the way God loves us
15.total giving of oneself to another for the good of another (3 Words)
16.cardinal virtue that makes it possible for us to enjoy God's good gifts in a balanced way
1.brotherly love: love of friends
3.Karol Wojtyla's book -explains the importance of loving another person in a responsible way (3 Words)
4.self-control that avoids something
6.unhealthy attempt to try to ignore sexual desires (rather than letting God fix your disordered thoughts for the better of oneself and others (2 Words)
11.erotic love
13.greek term for divine -unconditional, never-ending, limitless love -the way God loves us

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