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It Is In The Bible

Pastor Greg Lilly

Can you come up with the answers to these Bible clues?

2   3 4 5
  6             7 8        
10                 11        
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  14                 15           16
  17 18    
19 20                      
21     22          
  23 24                  
30 31      
32         33

6.This prophet encountered many lepers in Israel
8.Diligence should be taken to add this to your other virtues
9.David killed one of these animals and delivered one of his lambs
10.When this tower fell it killed eighteen people
11.This man lied saying that he had never met Jesus before
14.Job wore this during his days of mourning
15.This apostle of Jesus apparently had a twin
20.God gave these to help perfect and edify the body of Christ
21.Goliath said to David did he consider him to be one of these four-legged animals
24.If you will do this to your sin God will forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness
25.This captain of the host of the king of Syria was a leper
26.This child was put into a basket and set afloat on the Nile River
27.She died giving birth to Benjamin
31.This man was murdered while being drunk
32.Joshua trapped this many kings in a cave and later killed them
34.Before being ship wrecked at Melita this cargo was cast into the sea to lighten the ship in the book of Acts
1.This king had 700 wives and 300 concubines
2.This woman was a seller of purple dyed cloth
3.This woman beguiled Samson to share the secret of his great strength
4.He was Jacob's twin
5.The Pharisees and scribes were called a generation of these
7.David engineered the death of this man
12.Job's children were killed in the eldest brother's house when it did this
13.Jacob served Laban this many years so he could marry Rachel
16.Jesus attended a wedding in this city
17.Elijah ran away from this evil woman
18.This angel contended with the devil
19.God prepared a gourd to shade this prophet
20.She was the first bride
22.The little species of this animal was said by Solomon to be a destroyer of the grape vines
23.The skins from this animal were used to make the tabernacle in the wilderness
27.If you will do this to the devil he will flee from you
28.Isaiah said that our sins shall be as this fabric
29.The great throne that John saw was this color as the lost were judged
30.When the sky was this color it meant it would be fair weather
33.This man was made drunk by his daughters

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