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Lens and Accommodation

David Lewerenz, OD, FAAO

This puzzle covers the crystalline lens and the process of accommodation, and also has clues to a famous movie. Alternative title: "If Yogi Berra made this movie, it would be deja vue all over again".

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5.Ned, the insurance salesman, who recognizes Phil in the street
8.Surgical technology for nucleus removal
10.Portion of lens with highest refractive index
13.Tripeptide lens antioxidant
16.Lens has more of these cellular features than any other tissue
17.Nucleus formed by primary lens fibers
21.Type of drug that causes paralysis of accommodation
22.Near triad is accommodation, convergence and
23.Type of cataract extraction that leaves most of capsule in place
25.Act of focusing the eye from distance to near
27.Language Phil learns to speak in the time loop
28.Loss of accommodation over time
30.Zonules that form slings in CB processes valleys
32."Chaperone" crystalline type
34.Lens antioxidant you get from eating citrus
36.State of an eye without a lens
37.Leading cause of blindness worldwide
38.TV profession of Phil Conners
39.Historic name in accommodation science
40.Very early surgical treatment for cataract
41.Earliest lens formation
1.Nucleus with Y sutures
2.Essential lens soluble proteins
3.Steroid use can cause this type of cataract
4.1993 film featured In this puzzle
5.Director Harold
6.Actor who plays Rita Hanson
7.Portion of lens epithelial cell that forms posterior part of fiber
9.Event which necessitated staying in town
11.Actor who plays Phil Conners
12.IOL supportive arm
14.Type of aberration mitigated by gradient refractive index
15.Song that wakes Phil every morning at 6:00
18.Controlled capsular tear in cataract surgery
19.Portion of lens formed after puberty
20.Type of cataract extraction that removes lens and capsule
24.Town where movie is set
26."Second sight" cataract
29.Frequent lens position in Marfan's
31.Portion of lens closest to ciliary body
33.Portion of lens that causes accommodation
35.You may need to dilate to see this kind of cataract

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