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Lymphatic System

Do not leave any blanks in words

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1.mass of lymph tissue that produces antibodies and makes lymphocytes
3.tonsils on back of the tongue
8.masses of lymphatic tissue that filter interstitial fluid
10.tonsils on each side of soft palate
12.duct that receives all purified lymph from right side of head & neck, right chest & right arm
15.storage are for purified lymph at start of thoracic duct
17.lymph mixed with lipids
18.round masses that filter lymph and remove impurities
19.the human body has this many sets of tonsils
2.organ that stores RBCs and filters wastes from body
4.small, open-ended lymph vessels that pick up lymph at tissues
5.organ that destroys old RBCs and thrombocytes
6.organ that produces WBCs and antibodies
7.recieves chyle from lacteals
9.lymphatic capillaries in the small intestine
11.duct that drains lymph into left subclavian vein
13.tonsils in nasopharynx
14.thin, watery fluid made of intercellular fluid
16.mass of lymph tissue that atrophies after puberty

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